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Manhattan Toy So Shy Shadow Baby and Toddler Board Book + Stuffed Animal Dog

Manhattan Toy So Shy Shadow Baby and Toddler Board Book + Stuffed Animal Dog

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Toy So Shy Shadow Baby and Toddler Board Book

  • This developmental children's book and plush toy gift set is a perfect way to help parents address common early childhood challenges.
  • So Shy Shadow centers around Shadow, the loveable stuffed Scottie, who deals with shyness but learns that he really doesn't need to be so scared after all.
  • As told through this furry little friend, this story subtly explores positive ways to overcome these challenges.
  • Since 1978, Manhattan Toy has been making award-winning, high-quality, educational toys for your baby, toddler, or kid.
  • From classic and developmental toys for babies and toddlers to incredibly soft plush toys, our goal is to provide the safest and best toys available. 


  • This combo book and plush gift set feature Shadow, the soft toy Scottie, who struggles with shyness.
  • This socio-emotional book for kids subtly explores positive ways to overcome the common childhood struggle, shyness, through the feelings and reactions of a little animal friend.


  • Building social-emotional skills prepare kids to thrive in any situation. Learning to identify and navigate their feelings in a positive way builds confidence, resilience, and maturity.
  • Seen through the eyes of a relatable furry friend, this plush and baby board book set is a great way to help parents address early childhood challenges.


  • Featuring 8 unique pages along with a dedication page, this story centers around Shadow, the stuffed animal Scottie, who tends be to quite shy.
  • Feeling insecure and all alone, poor Shadow can only watch as all the neighborhood creatures play all day without him.
  • Will Shadow ever come out of his shell?


  • This loveable, huggable super-shy stuffed animal dog features an ultra-plush fabric with embroidered features.
  • What does it take for Shadow to overcome shyness? All it took was a sweet little bird who offered some kindness.
  • Shadow thought that was quite sweet, and maybe he didn't need to be so scared after all.


  • This decorative gift box measures 9" long by 12" tall. The padded cover board book for babies and toddlers measures 6" square while the stuffed Scottie measures 7" long by 4" tall.
  • A safety-rated gift set for newborns on up, the developmental toy and book features are more suitable for babies and toddlers 1 year and up.
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