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Sisal Rope Cactus Tree Cat Scratcher Post

Sisal Rope Cactus Tree Cat Scratcher Post

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Sisal Rope Cactus Tree Cat Scratcher Post

Help your lovely cat get rid of all its stress and worries by giving it our premium cat scratcher to play with. Our premium cat scratching post comes in a cute cactus-like design, making it even more desirable to your cat.

best cat scratching post

Equipped with a large base, the scratching post remains upright even when your cat starts getting rowdy. This cactus cat scratcher even comes with a soft felt flower on top that your cant can chew on as it pleases.

To make things even more enjoyable, the cactus scratching post is designed with a fun game within its shaft. Your cat can reach through the tiny hole on the cat scratching toy to try and catch the colorful ball within.

cat scratcher tree

Even better, the cat scratcher stand is wrapped in beautiful sisal material that makes it extremely fun for your cat to play with. Keep your cat happy and active by providing it with our premium cat scratch tree post.

Key Benefits

Unique Design - This cat scratcher comes in a unique cactus design, making it extremely cute and fun to look at. In fact, this cat scratching post is made with vibrant colors, making it extremely attractive to any cat.

Satisfying Texture - Our scratching post is wrapped with sisal material that's fun for cats to claw through. Its versatile design gives your cat multiple areas to scratch and play with throughout the day.

Durable Material - No matter how much your cat plays with the cactus cat scratcher, it will remain fully intact. Never worry about the cactus scratching post even with constant use.

Product Specifications

Material: Sisal+Velvet+Particle Board
Color: Pink+Green+ Beige
Net Weight: 0.8kg
Shipping Weight: 0.9kg
Type: Kitten Post
Application: Home

Package Content

1x Cat Scratching Toy
1x Toy Pole
1x Base

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