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Aldricx® Silicone Food Storage Containers

Aldricx® Silicone Food Storage Containers

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Aldricx® Silicone Food Storage Containers

Aldricx Silicone Food Storage Containers are BPA Free, Airtight, Silicone Lids, Collapsible that is Oven, Microwave & Freezer Safe.

 You've just discovered your new favorite product for kitchen storage! You'll love the versatility, durability, and convenience that Collapse-its provide. 

Collapse-it containers solve the problems for traditional storage boxes. Just throw your Food items into a container, and you're all set.

The leak-proof lid means you don't have to worry about spills or messes. Collapse-its will fit almost anywhere and reduce storage space a lot!


Microwave, Dishwasher, Oven, & Freezer Safe 

Throw all of your other sub-par containers out! Collapse-it does it all.

The amazing durability of these containers allows you to toss your leftovers straight from the freezer into the oven.

Collapse-it containers will not crack or break like conventional plastic or glass food storage containers.

Save 50% More Space

Collapsible & stackable food storage containers allow for optimal minimalist organization and fit neatly into nearly every size cabinet or drawer.

Expand silicone containers to utilize for meal prep, saving leftovers, or cooking & baking.

You can even use Collapse-it as your new favorite lunch box!

Leftovers That Last

The secret to long-lasting food storage is an airtight seal. Collapse-it is one of the only container sets on the market with silicone (not plastic), patented & leak-proof vacuum seal lids that give you airtight storage. The dual-function lid also has a venting option for heating up food in the microwave.

BPA Free, 100% Food Grade Silicone

Make the best choice for long-term health! Plastics contain harmful chemicals that can be released into your food upon contact. Silicone is made primarily of inert silicone (sand) & oxygen. Not only is it better for you, it's better for the environment too!

Vacuum Sealed Silicone Lid

The Vacuum-Sealed Silicone Lid keeps air out and freshness in! Your leftovers will last longer in Collapse-it containers. Food in vacuumed-sealed storage preserves food 3-5 times longer than food that is stored in a plastic bag or regular container. 

The Air Vent is a double function of the vacuum seal lid. When you're ready to heat up your food in the microwave, simply pop the knob on the silicone lid up, allowing air to enter the Collapse-it container. Your food will cook more evenly, and you'll avoid messy explosions in your microwave.


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