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Premium Stainless Steel Adult Three Wheel Tricycle Trike Bike

Premium Stainless Steel Adult Three Wheel Tricycle Trike Bike

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Premium Stainless Steel Adult Three Wheel Tricycle Trike Bike

Make your daily routine so much more active and fun by riding on our premium adult tricycle. With its bright and exciting colors, our adult 3 wheel bike will surely be your favorite ride to travel with around your neighborhood.

adult tricycle for sale

Our adult tricycle bike comes with three sturdy wheels that aren't too much of a hassle to balance on. This way, you can move freely on the adult trike without wobbling or fearing that you can fall at any time.

To make things better, the three wheel bicycle comes with a large basket on its rear so that you can carry all types of things with ease. In fact, the 3 wheel bicycle is perfect for fetching groceries and transporting goods from place to place.

adult trike for sale

Better yet, the adult trike bike comes with a comfy seat, making riding so much more enjoyable and relaxing. Travel around your  neighborhood in the most convenient way by pedaling on our folding adult tricycle.

Key Benefits

Sturdy Build - Made with high-quality steel, the adult 3 wheel bicycle is sturdy enough for daily use. Better yet, the adult tricycle with basket can carry up to 330 pounds with ease.

Ergonomic Design - Aside from its sturdy build, the adult tricycle boasts a comfy seat that cushions your bottom each time you seat. Plus, the rubber handles of the adult 3 wheel bike provide you with a strong grip too!

Practical Details - To make biking around so much more convenient, the adult tricycle bike comes with a handy basket. This mesh wire basket adds that extra layer of functionality since you can use the adult trike to transport essentials wherever you please.

Product Specifications

Brake: Front V brake
color: Green, Purple
Main material: High strength steel
Gross weight: 27 kg (59.5 lbs)
Load capacity: 150 kg (330 lbs) (by car and cargo)
Package size (length * width * height): 108 x 27 x 63 cm (42.5 x 10.6 x 24.8 inches)

Package Content

1x Three Wheel Bicycle
1x Manual
1x set of Installation Tools

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