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Premium Adult Electric Motorized Riding Power Scooter

Premium Adult Electric Motorized Riding Power Scooter

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Premium Adult Electric Motorized Riding Power Scooter

Easily navigate narrow or wide roadways with style by riding on our premium electric scooter. With a compact and foldable design, these electric scooters for adults are perfect for people who are always on the go.

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Sporting a 25 kilometer per hour speed, the motorized scooter helps you get to your destination in no time. This e scooter is also equipped with  8" honeycomb airless tires that allow it to smoothly navigate on any surface.

Our electric riding scooter has a bright LCD screen where you can turn it on and off in seconds. Aside from that, this is also where you can quickly access its different modes, light status, and even monitor your speed while you ride.

best electric scooter for adults

Even better, the fastest electric scooter is designed with a large stepping board that allows you to have a comfortable position throughout the ride. Avoid getting stuck in traffic during the morning and evening rush by riding on the off road electric scooter.

Key Benefits

Rechargeable Battery - The off road scooter can be recharged each time the battery runs out to keep the fun rolling. This feature guarantees that you will have hours of uninterrupted usage before the power scooter has to be recharged.

Foldable Design - Built with your convenience in mind, this e wheel scooter is completely foldable so you can easily store it away. Also, this feature enables you to carry the foldable electric scooter without exerting too much strength or effort.

Ergonomic Handles - The folding electric scooter has ergonomic handles that make it easy to grip and maneuver. This means that you are always in complete control whenever you’re riding our mobility electric scooter.

Product Specifications

Dimension: Unfolding 118 x 430 x 1046 mm; Folding: 1046 x 430 x 480 mm
Net Weight: 12.2kg
Color: Black
Frame Material: Aluminium
Tires: 8'' honeycomb tire
Max Load: 120KG/266BLS
Max speed: 25KM/h
Speed level: Gear 1--Max 10km/h ; Gear 2--Max 20km/h; Gear 3--Max 25km/h
Mileage: 17-22km
Grade Ability: 20 degree slope
Working Temperature: -15°C-50°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C-25°C
Mode Type of Motor: Brushless hub motor
Battery Type:High quality lithium battery
Battery Capacitiy: 7.5 Ah
Battery Voltage: 36V
Power: 250W
Charger Input Voltage: 100V-240V
Charger Frequent: 50Hz/60Hz
Charging time: 4 hours

Package Content

1x Electric Scooter
1x Battery Charger
1x User's Manual

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