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Powerful Outdoor Wind Turbine Electric Power Generator 4500W

Powerful Outdoor Wind Turbine Electric Power Generator 4500W

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Powerful Outdoor Wind Turbine Electric Power Generator 4500W

Looking for an effective wind generator that can help reduce your home's energy consumption? Equipped with 4500W of power, our wind turbine for home can generate enough energy to power lights, electronics, appliances, and a lot more.

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This wind turbine generator uses a permanent magnet generator with a unique stator design to efficiently lower the generator's torque resistance. It also automatically changes its position depending on the direction of the wind to improve the stability of the wind power generator.

For added convenience, this small wind turbine has a DC output indicator, which is useful for observing the fan and troubleshooting. In addition, the windmill generator has a built-in intelligent microprocessor controller, so you can easily adjust the current and voltage, and DC output.

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Best part of, the wind generator for home does not produce loud sounds despite its regular rotations. Power up your basic appliances without extra electricity costs by using our wind generator.

Key Benefits

Waterproof And Dustproof - Constructed with premium materials, this wind turbine for home was made to last. Not only is it dustproof, but it is also highly resistant to water, making it suitable for long-term outdoor use.

Durable Blades - The blades of this wind turbine generator are made of high-strength PA66 and fiber-reinforced nylon to ensure they can withstand strong winds and heavy rain. In fact, the blades of this wind power generator are built using the latest aerodynamic principles.

Easy To Use - Our small wind turbine has all the components that you need, so you can fully set it up without a hassle. Plus, it uses the latest design hoop connection to make disassembling the windmill generator a lot faster and easier.

Product Specifications

Color: Green
Rated power:3700W
Maximum power:4500W
Rated voltage:24V
Start up wind speed:2m/s
Rated wind speed:11m/s
Survival wind speed:45m/s
Top net weight :12.0kg
Wheel diameter:0.9m
Blades number:4
Blades material:Nylon fiber
Generator:Three phase permanent magnet ac generator
Control system :Electromagnet
Speed regulation:Automatically windward
Working temperature:-40℃~80℃

Package Content

1x Windmill for electricity 
4x Rotor blades
1x User Manual
1x Controller
Incl.: mounting accessories
Not included: mounting post

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