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Powerful Cordless Gas Powered Lawn Leaf Blower 26cc

Powerful Cordless Gas Powered Lawn Leaf Blower 26cc

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Powerful Cordless Gas Powered Lawn Leaf Blower 26cc

Clear away leaves from your outdoor spaces quickly and easily by powering on our high-quality leaf blower. Boasting a heavy-duty motor, this gas leaf blower is powerful enough to blast away leaves in a short period of time.

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Equipped with a two-stroke engine, the cordless blower is capable of producing 195 mph airspeed and 375 cfm of airflow. With this feature, you can use this gas blower to clean up grass, leaves, and other debris all year round.

Featuring a lightweight construction, the gas powered leaf blower makes leaf and snow cleanup a breeze without straining your hands. Since it is not an industrial-sized gas backpack leaf blower, it is perfect for homeowners that don’t need anything huge for doing their cleaning chores.

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Even better, this lawn blower can withstand daily use without breaking down. Quickly clear away piles of leaves from your backyard, driveway, or porch by using our premium yard blower.

Key Benefits

Fast Cleaning - Everyone likes to spend more time with their families rather than blowing leaves all day. By using our grass blower, you can clean your garden, lawn, or driveway in the quickest time possible.

Premium Material - Made of high-quality material, this leaf blower is exceptionally durable, making it ideal for daily use. Its sturdy construction means that you'll be able to blow away leaves with ease for plenty of years to come.

Multiple Use - Not only can this gas leaf blower blast away leaves, but it can also serve you in many ways. This cordless blower can handle snow, debris, dust, and other blowing chores inside and outside your house.

Product Specifications

2-Stroke engine
Displacement: 26 c-c
Max RPM: 7500 rpm
Idle speed: 2800 rpm
Weight: 10 lbs
Air Volume: 375 cfm
6 month warranty
Air Speed: 195 mph
30:1 - 40:1 fuel/oil mix ratio

Package Content

1x Gas Blower
Set of Accessories
1x Manual

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