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Powerful Corded Electric Snow Shovel Blower 120V

Powerful Corded Electric Snow Shovel Blower 120V

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Powerful Corded Electric Snow Shovel Blower 120V

Large mounds of snow can take over your streets and pathways, making it hard to move around during the winter. This is why our powerful snow blower is essential to every home, since it keeps snow build-up at bay even during the harshest of snowfalls.

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Equipped with sturdy wheels, pushing the electric snow blower through snow will be a breeze. It's even made easier with an ergonomic handle that lets you control the direction and movement of the snow thrower.

Since the small snow blower is fully powered by electricity, there's no longer a need to fill it with gas on a daily basis. It comes with a single-button start up feature that makes using the powered snow shovel so much more convenient.

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Better yet, the electric start snow blower comes with a rotatable shoot so that you can throw the snow towards whichever direction that you like. Keep your walkways and driveways passable with the help of our premium snow blower.

Key Benefits

Powerful Motor - With its powerful motor, the electric snow blower helps you launch clumps of snow towards a good distance. This way, you can clear away a solid path for you and your vehicles to move through during the winter.

Easy Handling - Complete with wheels and a sturdy handle, the snow thrower is extremely easy to move around even on several feet of snow. The small snow blower is compact enough for one person to work with without a hassle.

Weatherproof Design - Our powered snow shovel is built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Even the freezing cold is no match for our mighty snow blower.

Product Specifications

Material: Steel and PP
Color: Black
Dimension of Snow Thrower: 16" x 40" x 38"(L x W x H)
Motor: 120V, 60Hz, 15Amp
Speed: 2200 rmp (no load)
Clearing Width: 18"
Clearing Height: 10"
Wheel Size: 5"
Weight of Snow Thrower: 40 lbs

Package Content

1x Electric Snow Blower
1x Instructions

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