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Luxurious Gravity Weighted Anxiety Comforter Blanket 15 lbs

Luxurious Gravity Weighted Anxiety Comforter Blanket 15 lbs

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Luxurious Gravity Weighted Anxiety Comforter Blanket 15 lbs

Is anxiety and restlessness making it hard for you to get a good night's sleep? Wrap yourself in our comforting weighted blanket so that you can ease into sleep within minutes. 

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Our gravity blanket is unlike your regular bedroom blanket or comforter. In fact, the cooling weighted blanket is filled with magical beans that helps you feel secure when under the sheets.

The extra weight that the weighted blanket for anxiety provides helps you stay calm all throughout the night. Not only that, but the 15 lb weighted blanket is also extremely comfy and amazing to snuggle with anytime you feel like it.

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Best out of all, this gravity weighted blanket perfectly fits queen-sized beds so that you can share the comfort with a loved one. Sleep soundly for hours by wrapping yourself in our highly relaxing weighted comforter.

Key Benefits

Comfortable - Apart from its weighted design, the weighted throw blanket is also soft to the touch and gentle on the skin. It certainly makes bedtime much more worthwhile!

Multiple Uses - Even with its simple design, the heavy weighted blanket is great for both the bedroom and the living room. It can be used to make your couches extra comfy, as well as ease your anxieties.

Easy Care - Cleaning up the anxiety blanket is much simpler than it looks. All that you have to do is to throw the washable weighted blanket in the washer, pop it in the dryer, and use it over and over again!

Product Specifications

Features: Breathable, Cooling
Material: Cotton
Color: Gray

Package Content

1x Weighted Throw

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