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Little Girls Large Wooden Kids Play Kitchen Toy Set

Little Girls Large Wooden Kids Play Kitchen Toy Set

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Little Girls Large Wooden Kids Play Kitchen Toy Set

Give your sweet little girl a thrill during the holidays or any special occasion by surprising her with our beautiful play kitchen. Complete with pots, utensils, and other accessories, the kids kitchen set is everything that your child needs to make playtime more fun and interactive.

play kitchen set

Painted in pink and white, the toy kitchen gives off girly vibes that any young girl would love. Plus, the kids kitchen comes in a life size build so that your child can practice being a chef even if it's just pretend.

To make things better, the kids play kitchen comes with large cupboards where your child can learn how to organize all the accessories. It also comes with all the essential parts of a kitchen so that you can help your child get familiar with each and every section.

wooden play kitchen

All the handles, knobs, and buttons on the toy kitchen set strengthen your child's fine motor skills, which can lead to only positive things when it comes to their development. This kids kitchen play set also helps teach your child practical life skills, making it an important educational toy to have in any playroom.

Key Benefits

Complete Set - Our kids toy kitchen comes with all the accessories that your child needs to have a good time! It's complete with cooking utensils, organizing stations, and basic kitchen appliances.

Kid-Friendly - Every inch of the wooden kitchen set is made with safe and non-toxic materials. All the edges of the kids wooden kitchen set are rounded to prevent accidents.

Easy Assembly - This play kitchen comes with complete assembly instructions to minimize the guess work. This way, your child can start playing with the kids kitchen set in no time!

Product Specifications

Material: MDF Solid Wood
Color: Pink
Weight: 7kg / 15.43lbs
Dimensions: (23.62 x 11.81 x 33.46)" / (60 x 30 x 85)cm (L x W x H)

Package Content

1x Play Kitchen Set
1x User Manual

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