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Large Automatic Quail Chicken Egg Incubator

Large Automatic Quail Chicken Egg Incubator

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Large Automatic Quail Chicken Egg Incubator

In need of a reliable egg incubator to help you hatch almost any type of animal eggs? Our chicken egg incubator is the perfect contraption to keep eggs healthy until they're ready to hatch!

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Complete with a full egg tray, the chicken incubator keeps all the eggs in their proper place at all times. In fact, the quail egg incubator tray acts as a safe barrier between the heating rods and the eggs so that they don't overheat.

The holding rods of the quail incubator are perfectly spaced so that you can incubate different types of eggs all at the same time. This egg hatching incubator even comes with a handy control panel that's extremely easy for anyone to use.

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Even better, the reptile egg incubator is made with sturdy materials so that it stays intact even with constant exposure to warmth. Hatch happy and healthy pets with the help of our premium egg incubator!

Key Benefits

Large Capacity - Even with its compact design, the chicken egg incubator is capable of holding multiple eggs at one time. In fact, the chicken incubator is large enough to carry up to 25 large chicken eggs.

Compact Design - Despite its large capacity, the quail egg incubator does not take up too much space. It's perfect to store on any tabletop without being too much of a hindrance to your daily activities.

Durable Material - Made with high-quality plastic and metal, the quail incubator is durable enough for constant use. This way, you can rely on the egg hatching incubator to function for plenty of years to come.

Product Specifications

Color: White.
Material: Plastic, Metal.
Size: About 28.5x27.5x23.5cm/11.22x10.83x9.25inches

Package Content

1x Reptile Egg Incubator

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