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Heavy Duty Hitch Mount Cargo Luggage Storage Carrier Rack

Heavy Duty Hitch Mount Cargo Luggage Storage Carrier Rack

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Heavy Duty Hitch Mount Cargo Luggage Storage Carrier Rack

Add more storage space to your car by installing our heavy-duty hitch cargo carrier. With this cargo carrier, your car will be able to carry large objects that do not fit in your trunk.

hitch rack

Constructed of high strength and lightweight steel, the hitch mount cargo carrier is extremely durable and can withstand daily use. In fact, this hitch carrier is strong enough to carry up to 500 pounds of items without tipping over or breaking down.

With its high side rails that measure 17 inches, the luggage carrier keeps the cargo more secure during transportation and prevents it from falling down. It’s also equipped with a folding angled shank so you can fold this car luggage carrier when it’s not in use.

cargo hitch

Most importantly, the cargo rack has a sturdy bolt-together construction that allows for quick and easy installation. Conveniently extend your car’s storage space with the help of our hitch luggage rack.

Key Benefits

Big Capacity - Measuring at 58''L x 24'' W, this cargo basket can carry a lot of items in one go. This feature is extra helpful when you need more storage space to accommodate all of your luggage bags and other essentials every time you travel.

Durable Material - This hitch basket is made from high-quality steel material, making it extremely sturdy and resistant to rust. It also has a 500-pound capacity to ensure the cargo hitch basket can securely carry your items no matter where you go.

Easy Set Up - Our cargo rack for SUV comes with all the components that you need to fully assemble it. Not only this car storage rack can be installed in cars, but it is also suitable for bikes, tools, and anything else that can be loaded up and strapped down.

Product Specifications

Material: Stainless Steel
Standard fits for: 2'' Hitch receiver
Cargo basket: Measures 58''L x 24'' W. 
Capacity: 500lbs.
Wall height: 17.3''

Package Content

1x Hitch Cargo Carrier
1x Hitch tightener

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