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Fitfro™ Electric Lumbar Massager for Back Relaxation

Fitfro™ Electric Lumbar Massager for Back Relaxation

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Intelligent Dynamic Traction

The unique inflation mechanism gradually lifts, stretches, and separates the joints. Your own weight and the circulating air traction system work together to stretch the waist and tight muscles.

Two Traction Modes

The low back massager has 2 traction modes. It can adjust the appropriate traction height by remote control, providing you with a weak to strong personalized massage service.

Infrared Heating

The lumbar massager has a built-in infrared lamp, which has three heating levels: low/medium/high. Three different temperatures (Level-38°, Level-42°, Level-44°), can be adjusted.

Curve Design

The waist massager conforms to the ergonomic curve design, through scientific traction, the curved surface fits closely with the waist. It can help the lumbar spine to recover to a normal physiological curvature of 26°.

Auxiliary Board

The lumbar traction device is equipped with a reinforced board, which can be used according to different scenarios. Use the auxiliary board in a soft environment (such as a sofa, soft bed) to effectively increase the height and improve your massage experience.

 lower back massager

Fitfro™ is committed to providing the best home health massage system, so that every customer could enjoy a pleasant massage, providing a comfortable experience for the whole family at the home, office, or even during travel.

Fitfro Lumbar Massager for Back Relaxation

  • Intelligent traction function, traction and stretch the lumbar spine and muscles, relieve lumbar muscle fatigue.
  • Two automatic traction modes, users choose the mode that suits them.
  • Infrared heating function, providing warmth in the heat.
  • Ergonomic curve design, reasonable support for the waist.

 lumbar massager

Who Needs This Waist Massager?

  • People who have high working pressure;
  • ​People who stand or sit for a long time;
  • People who have high labor intensity;
  • People who travel frequently;
  • People who do housework
  • The elderly

Fitfro lumbar massager is designed with ergonomic curves, and the curved surface fits closely to the lumbar region through scientific traction. It helps restore the lumbar spine to its normal physiological curvature of 26°. Use once or twice a day, 15 minutes each time, can relieve lumbar muscle fatigue. A variety of massage modes, bringing you a different massage experience.

Electric Lumbar Massager for Back Relaxation

Fitfro lower back massager, let your waist get effective stretching, hot compress, and vibration massage. Eliminate muscle fatigue caused by daily life and work.

Product Information:

Working current: 300-2000MA
Timer: 15 minutes Automatic off

Working Modes - 4 different modes
1. Vibrating Mode
2. Heating Mode
3. Auto Mode I
4. Auto Mode II

Heating Funtion: 3 level Heating Level
1. Low - 45℃
2. Middle - 55℃
3. High - 65℃

The package includes:
1* Main Body of lower massager
1* Remote Control
1*Reinforcing Plate
1* Product instruction + warranty card

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