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Evlon™ Pro 5 in 1 Electric Airflow Hair Curler & Dryer

Evlon™ Pro 5 in 1 Electric Airflow Hair Curler & Dryer

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Evlon™ Pro 5 in 1 Electric Airflow Hair Curler & Dryer

  • Are you tired of your lifeless hair and could your hair use a glow-up?
  • With the Evlon™ PRO 5 in 1 Airflow Curler™, you can create the most beautiful curls and waves, but also straight and smooth hair!
  • And all this with only one multifunctional device that is suitable for all hair types! So throw out your old hairdryer and curling iron and treat yourself to the latest technology in hairstyling!
  • Evlon™ Pro 5 in 1 Electric Airflow Hair Curler tool has multiple functions like Drying, Curling, Straightening, Plumping, and Inner buckle.
  • This hair curler works based on Coanda Effect - Aerodynamic phenomenon, swirling air vortex around curling roller and the hair is automatically guided to curl and roll.
  • The inner Ceramic coating of the pre-shaped nozzle can make hair evenly distributed and styling is easy. 
  • Air ions neutralize static electricity, this reduces frizz, prevents dry hair, and makes hair soft and healthy. 

The powerful V9 motor releases airflow with which the Evlon™ Pro 5 in 1 Curler styles your hair! The airflow is gentle on your hair, unlike the regular hot curling irons that damage the hair. 

The unique airflow technology combined with the ceramic elements on the included attachments ensures that your hair remains super healthy, fizz-free, and feels silky soft!

Innovative Pro Technology - Advanced Airflow Curler

The air wrap technology makes it super easy for you to style your hairThe air pressure puts your hair around the Evlon™ 5 in 1 Pro Airflow Curler by itself. The annoying wrapping of the hair around a hot curling iron is now a thing of the past!


About Evlon™ Pro 5 in 1 Electric Airflow Curler & Dryer:

  • Curly hair: Equipped with 30 mm rolls to the left and one to the right. Before you want to make the hairstyle on the left, please select the left reel, make the right hairstyle, choose the right reel. Create styling effects of volume curls and big waves.
  • Soft smooth comb: Create a smooth effect, soft spherical comb teeth, designed for gentle massage of the scalp.
  • Pre-shaped nozzle: Dry hair quickly and prepare for styling. It is simple and convenient to use.
  • Curling barrel: Ready to use, use counterclockwise curling rollers to be flexible.
  • A variety of creative methods: curling rods. With various hairstyles, you can easily create curly-wavy, fluffy or smooth hairstyles.


 All-in-1-device - You can create any look you want with the 5 included attachments! You can create the most beautiful curls and waves. But you can also straighten, dry, and brush your hair. Endless possibilities, but all in 1 device!

 Airflow technology - By using the latest airflow technology, the Evlon™ 5 in 1 Airflow Curler is gentle for your hair, unlike other curling irons that easily damage your hair. The hot airflow is evenly directed by the powerful V9 air motor, for the safest hairstyle experience.

✓ For all hair types - Suitable for different hair textures and lengths, thanks to the different temperature settings. You can create all different waves and styles like a real pro!

 Smart heat control - The Evlon™ Airflow Curler has 3 heat settings, so you can always use the perfect temperature on your hair. Even if your hair is fine, brittle, or colored, you can safely curl and style it.

 No damage - Because of the built-in heat sensor, the Evlon™ 5 in 1 Airflow Curler never gets hotter than 120 degrees and keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Even if you curl your hair every day, your hair is protected from damage.

 Easy to use - The airflow technology helps you to wrap your hair around the curler so that you're ready in seconds!

Evlon™ Pro 5 in 1 Airflow Curler

  • Protects your hair! With the built-in heat sensor, the Evlon™ Pro 5 in1 Airflow Curler never gets hotter than 120 degrees and keeps your hair healthy and shiny.

  • Is a multifunctional styling tool for drying your hair as well as styling/curling.

  • Is an absolute must-have for every pretty lady.

  • Easy to take on trips

Best Airflow Electric Curler Technical Specification

Heat conductor material: Tourmaline Ceramic

Applicable hair type: Wet and Dry

Body size: diameter: 4.5cm, length: 22cm

Pre-shaped nozzle length: 11cm

Curling barrel length: 15cm

Soft smooth comb length: 14.7cm

Cylinder comb length: 15.4cm

Power supply mode: plug-in

Best modeling time: 3-5 minutes

Function: Hot and Cold air

Hair Type: Dry

Material: Ceramic

Package Included:

1 * Main Body

1 * Pre-shaped Nozzle

2 * Curling Barrel

1 * Soft Smooth Comb

1 * Cylinder Comb

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