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Aldricx® Soft Electric Blanket for Couch

Aldricx® Soft Electric Blanket for Couch

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Aldricx Soft Electric Heated Blanket - Cozy up...

Aldricx heated blanket is made from breathable and ultra-soft micro-flannel fleece fabric that’s resistant to pilling or shrinking. Cozily wrap yourself up in its warmth and enjoy the comfort our electric blanket brings especially during cold nights. This blanket has a reliable temperature monitoring system for overheating protection, automatically turning off when exceeding a certain temperature.  So you’re extra warm when falling asleep without ringing up your electric bill all night. This extra-soft heated blanket is machine washable and dryer safe to keep it hygienic, soft, and usable for years to come. Simply disconnect the controller and toss it in the washing machine to clean.


Aldricx's best heating blanket throw - Features

  • Within only 20 mins you will feel the difference of having this electric throw blanket. The throw blanket for bed is a perfect option for anyone who sleeps cold.

  • We have 5 heat settings to make the heating blanket easy and practical to use, meeting different comfort needs. The heat blanket automatically shuts off after 3 hours of use.

  • Electric blankets keep you warm no matter how cold the weather is. A heated blanket is good for power naps or sound sleep. The heating wiring inside the blanket throw is thin yet will keep you warm.

  • Machine wash the couch blanket in cold water so you don’t need to worry about stains or dirt. For better performance, gently stretch the heated blanket to its original size after washing.



Aldricx's best heating blanket throw - Features

  • Bring the heat with this 50 x 60 inches electric blanket. Our warming blanket and throw are made with high-quality, soft, and thick flannel fleece fabric, making it a perfect companion to add warmth and comfort on chilly winter nights.
  • Our large-sized heating pad for two is designed with built-in micro-thin wires that provide even heat distribution without the bulkiness and discomfort. Its fast heating abilities provide immediate warmth for those achy, sore muscles.



  • This heated blanket is smartly designed with detachable 10 feet long power cord with an LCD controller. Customize the level of heat with its 6 temperature settings for your comfort: 85°F (low) to 110°F (high) and 8-time mode settings    
  • This softie is ETL certified, which means it offers reliable safety features to better your sleeping experience. This product shuts off automatically after a set duration of time to keep you safe and sound.
  • The construction of this blanket is easy to maintain. This blanket can be cleaned by hand or machine wash on a gentle delicate cycle. We also made it dryer safe for more easy and convenient cleaning. Note: Disconnect all cords before washing.



Our heated blanket not only keeps you warm but also can be a cozy addition to your bedroom or living space. This electric blanket has thin heating wires and you can barely feel it over your skin. These electric blankets will automatically shut off once they are hot.


We have 6 colors available for you to choose from. The grey heated blanket represents balance, helps to maintain a clean and neutral look. The chocolate heating blanket inspires a feeling of generosity. The blue electric blanket expresses serenity and calmness. The navy blanket for beds offers intelligence and power. The electric blankets in red suggest vigor and love. The warm blanket in brown is associated with comfort, warmth, and security.


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