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Peachy® Cheese Board and Knife Set

Peachy® Cheese Board and Knife Set

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Peachy® Cheese Board and Knife Set

Are you planning on throwing a dinner party or a holiday gathering at home with your friends and family?

The Delightful Centerpiece for Any Festive Table

We are here to present our Bamboo Cheese Serving Tray, a perfect Bamboo Cheeseboard for your family gathering.
It is an elegant Cheese Board Set that you can serve at your dinner parties and it will surely "wow" your guests.

Innovative & Rational Design
The size is 16.69cm(L) X 13.74cm(W) X 4.53cm ( H ), and weight is (4.92 KG).Use it to serve cheese, appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, charcuterie (cured meats), crackers and peanuts, and other snacks.
The unique vertical knife block will keep your cheese knives organized and display their true beauty.
The groove is ideal for crackers, toast, or crusty baguette and the ceramic bowl placement point is perfect for a bowl with jam, nuts, or dipping sauce.

Stainless Steel Cheese Tools

Every cheese board set comes with premium cutting knives, includes everything you need to serve a variety of cheeses, soft Brie,
crumbly blue, hard Parmesan, sharp cheddar, this set can handle them all. All utensils are crafted from high-quality kitchen-grade
stainless steel with bamboo handles.

Natural & 100% bamboo Material

This Cheeseboard is passionate about healthy eating. That is why our serving platters are made from 100% Natural Bamboo. They are BPA-free and NEVER treated with harmful chemicals or dyes. Rest assured that you and your family’s health is our top priority.


This bamboo cheese board is a piece of art that makes it easy to serve your tasty.


This cheese board is known for its natural bamboo material. Makes a perfect housewarming gift.

  • Unique wooden platters: Unlike other charcuterie boards, platter sets are crafted from beautiful bamboo making them the perfect appetizer serving surface for fruits, cheeses, crackers & more
  • Perfect size: Unlike some dishes, our perfectly sized 13x13x2 cheese & cracker tray is big enough for any occasion; dazzle your guests at your next fancy wine & cheese tasting party with this set
  • Slide-out drawers: Our large platter is your all in one appetizer tray featuring a slide-out drawer with stainless steel knives & serving tools included; grooved edges perfectly hold crackers or meats
  • Round tray included: With 5 serving sections that can be filled with fruit, bread, nuts, and other savory foods, the matching bamboo snack board will perfectly complement your decadent cheeseboard
  • Wonderful gift set: Whether you're looking for wedding registry ideas or searching for darling housewarming presents, our unique cheeseboard platter set will make a wonderful present for any occasion
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