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Cando Multi-Speed Vibration Percussion High-Powered Massage Gun with Interchangeable Heads

Cando Multi-Speed Vibration Percussion High-Powered Massage Gun with Interchangeable Heads

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Cando Multi-Speed Vibration Percussion High-Powered Massage gun

Brand: CanDo

Color: Black


  • POWERFUL, PORTABLE, PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE GUN - The portable CanDo Massage Gun powerfully delivers deep tissue percussion massages to relieve muscle cramps, trigger points, knots, and sore muscles.
  • Use it to improve blood flow and reduce stress.
  • TRUSTED BY THERAPISTS, TRAINERS, AND ATHLETES - This professional massage device has a durable design that's ideal for heavy use, making it perfect for clinicians, trainers, and athletes.
  • Its power and simplicity make it a good choice for all.
  • UP TO 8 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE - Charge and take on the go! On a single battery charge, the CanDo Massage Gun can provide 6 to 8 hours of operational use.
  • With the included wall charger, simply recharge your battery and you're ready to go.
  • EASY LIGHTWEIGHT TRANSPORT - Take your massage gun anywhere you need! The massage gun and all its attachments fit safely and securely in a durable, padded carrying case. Altogether, everything weighs just 4 pounds.
  • EASILY ADJUST SPEED - In "Fitness" and "Health" operational modes you can easily adjust the speed (RPMs) up and down by simply pressing the + and - buttons. When set to "Medical" mode the massager automatically cycles from 1,000 RPMs to 1,900 RPMs.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR MASSAGE EXPERIENCE - Target large and small muscles groups by using one of the six interchangeable massage heads.
  • Each massage head varies in size and shape. The included massage heads are fork, air, flat, bullet, round, and wedge.
  • COMFORTABLE TO HOLD - Deliver a massage in comfort! The massage gun's soft, non-slip handle offers a superior grip that makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time, even at the highest RPM levels.
  • CANDO is the leading provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation products.
  • CanDo products are used by Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, and the general public since the 1980s. With CanDo, you are guaranteed a high-quality product.


  • The CanDo Massage Gun is the ultimate in handheld massagers.
  • Cordless, this unit powerfully delivers percussion massages (repeated, rapid striking of the body as a massage technique) to relieve muscle cramps and trigger points, ease knots and reduce sore and achy muscles.
  • Additionally, this unit is extremely effective in promoting better circulation, optimizing mobility, and reducing stress and tension.
  • Three operational modes are available to choose from offering different types of relief Fitness Mode, Medical Model, and Health Care Mode.
  • Fitness offers the highest speed and torque, offering six levels from 1,200 RPMs to 3,200 RPMs.
  • Those actively involved in fitness and athletics on a regular basis will find this mode to be their favorite.
  • Medical is designed for point-to-point local treatment.
  • Suitable for physical therapy, the pressure and speed increase gradually from 1,000 RPMs to 1,900 RPMs and then back within 6 seconds.
  • This pattern then continues automatically. Health Care offers the lowest RPM and torque as compared to the other modes.
  • With a soft touch, this mode is perfect for daily health care use at home. The six levels range from 1,000 RPMs to 2,000 RPMs.
  • This will be the go-to model for those looking to massage away daily stress and tension.
  • Six interchangeable massage heads are also included. Multi-functional is the name of the game when you consider the options for mode, speed, and which massage head to use.
  • The CanDo Massage Gun is a versatile unit offering customized, handheld massages.
  • Please note, it is advised to use the device only on muscle groups and avoid using it on your head, over bones, or sensitive tendons.
  • Depending on the usage of the unit, the included rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 6-8 hours of massage per charge.
  • Don't let the Massage Guns weight, at less than 5 lbs., fool you. This is a durable and sturdy device that will quickly become a family favorite.
  • Easy use of the plus and minus buttons allows users to quickly increase and decrease the RPM speed of the massager.
  • The included sturdy and padded carrying case makes storing and traveling with the unit a breeze.
  • The six interchangeable massage heads include air, fork, flat, bullet, round, and wedge.

Package Dimensions: 13.8 x 10.4 x 3.3 inches

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