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Premium Little Kids Playroom Activity Table And Chair Set

Premium Little Kids Playroom Activity Table And Chair Set

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Premium Little Kids Playroom Activity Table And Chair Set

Provide your children with a comfortable place to study or play by letting them use our premium kids table. Specially designed for children, this kids desk and chair set helps them concentrate on their studies while sitting comfortably.

kids table and chair set

Since it includes both a table and a chair, the kids activity table has everything your child needs in order for them to study and play conveniently. With a wide table surface, this childrens desk and chair set provides plenty of space for your kids to place their books, toys, and other school supplies.

Made of high-quality MDF board, the childrens table and chair set is extremely durable and can withstand daily use. Featuring a waterproof surface and a smooth finish, the kids table set is easy to clean no matter how messy playtime gets.

kids table chair set

Best part of all, this kids desk table can be easily assembled in your child's room in just minutes. Help your child focus on their studies by providing them with our premium little kids table.


Key Benefits

Versatile Usage - Not only can this kids table be used for learning, but it’s also perfect for their daily activities. In fact, the panel on the table can be removed easily, and they can use it as a safe place to build blocks or play with their toys. 

Multiple Storage - This kids desk and chair set is equipped with storage boxes located under the chairs. This feature allows them to store and access their toys or learning supplies more conveniently.

Safe And Durable - Made with durable MDF board, the kids table and chair set stands sturdily on any flat surface. Plus, it has rounded edges to prevent your child from getting injuries while they’re using this kids table set.

Product Specifications

Table: 24.6 L x 24.6 W x 18.9 H inches
Chair: 11.8 L x 11.8 W x 21.3 H inches
Storage box: 10 L x 10 W x 5 H inches
Recommended ages: For children 3+

Package Content

1x Table
2x Chair
Other Accessories

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