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Powerful Heated Car Seat Pad Cushion Warmer Cover

Powerful Heated Car Seat Pad Cushion Warmer Cover

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Powerful Heated Car Seat Pad Cushion Warmer Cover

Enjoy pleasant and comfortable trips during winter by equipping your vehicle with our heated car seat. Equipped with three layers of heating sponge, this heated seat cover can provide you with an appropriate amount of warmth for a relaxing trip.

heated seat

Featuring a generous size, the heated car seat cover is large enough to surround your body with warmth while you’re inside the car. In addition, you can easily adjust the temperature of the car seat warmer from 40 to 65 degrees Celsius.

When the temperature reaches more than 65 °C, this seat warmer will automatically turn off to ensure your safety. Not only that, but when the temperature drops by 5 °C, the car heated pad will automatically resume its power until it reaches the set temperature.

heated seat cushion

Even better, this heated car seat pad not only keeps you warm, but it also provides a soft cushion to your seat for increased comfort. Ensure you’re warm and toasty on lengthy rides by installing our heated chair pad onto your car’s seat.

Key Benefits

Secure Installation - Equipped with high-quality and durable elastic buckle straps, this heated car seat cushion firmly wraps around your seat to ensure it does not shift while you sit. This also prevents the warm car seat cover from bunching up and causing discomfort on your back.

Adjustable Temperature - Our heated car seat has a switch that you can use to adjust its temperature. With this feature, it allows you to easily change the temperature from 40 to 65 degrees Celsius.

Versatile Design - The heated car seat cover flaunts a multipurpose design that allows you to utilize it in a variety of ways. For instance, you can strap this heated seat onto your office or home chair so you can experience a relaxing warmth while you’re sitting.

Product Specifications

Material: Lamb Cashmere
Color: Black/ Grey/ Brown
Length: 65cm
Width: 45cm
Voltage: 12V DC
Low-end: 30W + 3W
High-end: 45W + 3W
Temperature: 40-65 ℃

Package Content

 1x Heated Car Seat Cover

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