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Why Gift Giving is Important in a Relationship?

Gift-giving is an essential aspect of all relationships. You can probably think of plenty of occasions for giving your lover a present, but do you know why gifts are so necessary?

A gift doesn’t mean that your partner is materialistic or that you have to buy his or her love. You don’t have to prove your love through gifts, either. Think of gifts as supplemental. Sometimes a gift, even a small one, can say the sentiments that you can’t. Gifts can also prove that you’re thinking of your lover and that you pay attention to his or her needs and wants.

The Thought that Counts

Showing that you’re thinking of your partner is essential for a healthy, strong, and trusting relationship. Gifts are necessary because they often reveal that your partner is on your mind. Picking up a journal because you know that your partner enjoys writing stories or expressing his or her thoughts proves that you listen to your partner and understand his or her personality and wants. You never have to spend a fortune on a gift to brighten your lover’s day. It genuinely is the thought that counts.

Creating Memories

A gift can be a memory for years after you gave it. Talk to your parents or your grandparents. Ask about the trinkets in their homes and the baubles in their jewelry boxes. You’ll hear stories about how your grandfather gave your grandmother that Cracker Jack ring after their first date. A dried rosebud, a charm bracelet, a Pop Funko figure — these are all small gifts, but if they’re given at an opportune time or if they highlight a special memory, then they’ll remain important to the recipient long after they’ve been given. 

Best Occassion to Gift 

Showing Your Appreciation

Gifts are a way to show appreciation, which is critical in a relationship. Your partner needs to know that you appreciate him or her. Letting your lover know is as simple as planning to release a paper lantern together on the anniversary of your first date or springing for a meal at his or her favorite restaurant. There’s no need to break the bank or be ostentatious. You just have to be thoughtful in a way that appeals to your partner.

Expressing Your Feelings 

Sometimes, words won’t come. You aren’t sure what to say, or you can’t articulate your thoughts. Instead of speaking or writing down a message, you can give a gift to express your love. If there are emotions inside of you that you aren’t sure how to express, then think about the things your partner has shared with you.  Surprising your lover with something he or she has talked about not only proves that you listen and pay attention, but it’s also a foolproof way to share your feelings.

Celebrating Something Special

Special occasions are even more memorable when they include a gift. You must not forget the important events, such as anniversaries and birthdays. You can celebrate other special occasions as well, such as the anniversary of your first kiss or your engagement. The key is to give your partner something meaningful. 

Offering Congratulations

Has something exciting and monumental happened in your partner’s life? A gift can commemorate the occasion while proving to your partner that you’re proud. Let’s say your partner just scored a new job. Consider a gift of practical items or trinkets for his or her cubicle or desk. A briefcase or messenger bag can be a functional but thoughtful gift, as well. 

Apologizing with a Gift

Let us preface this by saying that you should never apologize with just a gift. An apology requires action, that’s true, but your actions should involve more than gift-giving.  That being said, you can supplement an apology with a gift. Don’t go overboard, but consider giving your partner a token that shows you’re trying to mend whatever’s gone wrong.

No Reason

There doesn’t have to be a reason for a gift. In a trusting, long-lasting relationship, partners care about each other. They listen to offhand comments about something their partner would like. They surprise their lovers for no reason whatsoever. You can give your partner a present because it’s a Wednesday. Remember, the thought matters.

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