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Premium Stationary Indoor Exercise Resistance Fan Bike

Premium Stationary Indoor Exercise Resistance Fan Bike

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Premium Stationary Indoor Exercise Resistance Fan Bike

Keep up with your health and fitness goals with the help of our premium exercise bike. Our heavy-duty stationary bike offers a full body workout, helping you burn calories and strengthen your arms and legs.

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Equipped with a unique air resistance system, the workout bike adapts to how hard you pedal, providing you with more and more resistance. Its included fan wheel reacts to your movement, making each workout session comfy yet challenging.

Built with a sturdy frame, the cycling indoor bike is capable of carrying loads of up to 265 pounds with ease. It even comes with a trusty LCD screen that allows you to track your workout, keeping you motivated throughout the whole session. 

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Best out of all, the indoor bike is foldable and compact, making it easy to store in your home. Reach your fitness goals with daily exercises on our premium spinning home bike.

Key Benefits

Adjustable Body - With its versatile design, the fan bike adjust to your height and comfort preferences. Simply adjust the seat up or down so that you can pedal without hesitation.

Durable Build - Made with a heavy-duty body, the stationary exercise bike is reliable enough to carry your body weight. This workout bicycle has a weight capacity of up to 265 pounds.

Portable - Even with its heavy-duty build, the stationary bicycle can be moved from room to room with ease. Not only that, but the upright bike can be set aside without a hassle so that it doesn't take up too much room.

Product Specifications

Overall: 42-1/2" L x 22-1/2" W x 53-1/2" H
Inseam: 21" - 38" H
Handlebars (from the floor): 51" - 53-1/2" H
Weight Capacity: 265 lbs.

Package Content

1x Indoor Exercise Bike

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